Should the Warriors Make a Move at the Trade Deadline?


The Golden State Warriors, a franchise synonymous with success, currently sit at 12th in the West, 4 games under .500, and just experienced an embarrassing loss against the Grizzlies who were missing 4 starters. The culmination of these immense struggles have fans and Warriors staff questioning, should they make a trade at the deadline? If so, who is available?

Several factors complicate this decision:

  1. Chemistry vs. Fresh Talent: The Warriors' success has been built on exceptional team chemistry and a deep understanding among core players. Bringing in new faces could disrupt this dynamic, but it could also provide the fresh talent needed to address current weaknesses, such as size, lack of athleticism, and consistent shooting. 
  2. Short-Term Gain vs. Long-Term Vision: Any trade would have to balance the immediate need to compete for a championship with the long-term future of the team. This is especially crucial considering the age of the Warriors' key players and the need to build for the future. Everything should revolve around Steph Curry, but at the same time, how long can Steph truly play at this level?
  3. Salary Cap Considerations: The Warriors have one of the highest payrolls in the league. Any trade would need to consider the financial implications and the constraints of the NBA's salary cap rules, especially now with the new CBA luxury tax rules. Furthermore, Klay is at the end of his contract, seeking an extension, which may complicate certain trade scenarios.

After discussions with Warriors insider Eric Apricot, we have come to the decision that, despite the Warriors' struggles as of now, the best move is to not make any drastic changes to the roster. Again, we reference the incredible start to the season for the Warriors, where they were atop the Western Conference, with an 8-1 record. Through that sample size, coupled with the competition that the Warriors were playing throughout that stretch, it's clear that the Warriors are capable of playing at a level of NBA Championship contention.

Furthermore, the Warriors have essentially been decimated with injuries (and suspensions) since that initial stretch at the start of the season. From key rotation pieces such as Gary Payton and Chris Paul, to the heart and soul of the team in Draymond Green, the Warriors could not find any sort of continuity throughout the season. However, these injuries may have been a slight blessing in disguise, as they have given players such as rookies Brandin Podziemski and TJD time to prove themselves, which they most definitely have, while allowing Jonathan Kuminga to speed up his development. Given their play, the Warriors' bench has been one of the best in the NBA thus far; frankly, it's up to the starters to return to the level of play that we all know they are capable of. 

Perhaps, the problem for the Warriors lies not within the players, but perhaps, the head coach? Look forward to an article coming soon, breaking down the inadequacies of the coaching staff this season.

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