Remaining Free Agents the Warriors Should Consider Signing


Though the NBA Free Agency period started about a month ago on June 25th, and almost all of the top names have been signed, there is still an abundance of players that can contribute to any team in the NBA if there is enough roster space. As for the Warriors, they have some unfilled roster spots, meaning that they should still be examining the market, looking at the players that best fit their system. In the past few days, the Warriors have signed Quinndary Weatherspoon to another two-way contract, which means the two two-way roster spots for the Warriors have been filled (the first spot was filled by undrafted rookie Lester Quiñones out of Memphis). The Warriors also signed undrafted rookie Trevion Williams out of Purdue to an Exhibit 10 contract, meaning that Williams will have a training camp spot and an opportunity to sign with the Warriors. Assuming JaMychal Green clears waivers and signs with the Warriors, which is pretty likely to happen, the Warriors will have two remaining roster spots. Presumably, the 15th roster spot will be given to a player in a similar fashion to how Gary Payton II got his contract last year with the Warriors, which is by competing in training camp. Maybe that 15th roster spot goes to one of the Warriors' 2022 second-round draft picks. This leaves one final roster spot that the Warriors can fill by signing one more free agent on the market. Here are 3 of the remaining free agents whom the Warriors should consider signing for one of their last roster spots: 

Hassan Whiteside

If a player has not been signed for this long, it probably means that they can be signed just with a veterans' minimum deal. Whiteside is no longer the elite shot-blocking machine that he once was in Miami, but he can still provide size, a rim-running lob threat, and some rim protection for the Warriors. The Warriors still need to add some more depth to their big-men positions, and Whiteside certainly gives the Warriors more depth there. At this point in his career, Whiteside will not be demanding 20+ minutes every game. When signing players this late into free agency, teams are not usually expecting those players to be playing significant minutes every single game. Whiteside is more of an insurance blanket, as James Wiseman's health is still a bit in question, and it seems impossible for a player like Kevon Looney to play in 82 games for two years in a row. Whiteside may even be another mentor to James Wiseman. All in all, think of Whiteside's fit with the Warriors similar to Javale Mcgee's fit with the Warriors: a rim-running big who can be played strategically and in matchup-based situations. 

Juancho Hernangomez

Wouldn't it be nice if the Warriors can sign an actual movie star to the roster? That is exactly what Juancho Hernangomez is, as he played Bo Cruz in the movie "Hustle". However, Hernangomez can still play ball, and for the Warriors, he can be utilized as a stretch big. Averaging a career 3 point percentage of around 35% and standing at 6'9, he is basically a clone of Nemanja Bjelica. You can never have enough shooting, right? Juancho is simply a solid player who understands his role and will never try to do too much when playing. He is also capable of playing some small-ball center, which the Warriors love to run. One thing that is questionable about Juancho is his averages, but when given the minutes, he has shown that he is capable of producing. Also, signing Juancho will undoubtedly make him a fan-favorite in the Bay. Again, when signing players this late into free agency, the Warriors are not asking Juancho to produce on the level that, for example, Otto Porter produced last year, but rather play a role, be a team player, and play within the Warriors system. Juancho Hernangomez certainly ticks those boxes.

Eric Bledsoe

As of now, the Warriors do not have traditional point guard in their second unit. Eric Bledsoe fixes just that. He is an absolute veteran and pro who has been through everything in the NBA, from playing for one of the worst teams in the NBA at the time back in 2014 to competing for NBA championships with the Bucks in 2018 and 2019 to mentoring young, full-of-potential players on the Pelicans in 2021. He is certainly not that dynamic passer who averaged 6+ assists per game at one point in his career, or that microwave scorer who averaged 20+ points per game back in 2016, but he still has that high basketball IQ and that veteran leadership that the Warriors need in their second unit now that Kuminga, Moody, Wiseman, and Poole are given the keys to the second unit. With his incredibly strong frame, he is also a great defender who can clamp up the backup point guards on opposing teams. Bledsoe will not be asked to score much, as the Warriors have Jordan Poole and others to score in the second unit, but Bledsoe will simply be asked to provide quality perimeter defense, a high IQ, and veteran leadership. 

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