Warriors' 2024 Outlook Post All-Star Break


The 2023-2024 season, was, to say the least, tumultuous for the Golden State Warriors for both fans, players, and coaches alike. From the hot start where the Warriors sat atop the Western Conference at the beginning of the season, to injuries from players such as Gary Payton II, Chris Paul, and more, to multiple suspensions from Draymond Green to the unfortunate passing of coach Dejan Milojevic and everything in between, the Warriors have experienced almost everything a franchise can experience within a 50-game window. At times, days were rough, falling to the 12th seed and 5 games below 500 while choking dozens of "clutch" games; recently, however, the Warriors have started to trend upwards- that starts with the return of Draymond Green and the ascension of Jonathan Kuminga.

Kuminga seems to be coming into his own, averaging over 21 points per game with 53%+ efficiency since nearly the start of 2024. With a shifted mindset of being more relentless and antagonistic towards the rim, rather than settling for jumpers, Kuminga has now become an integral part of the Warriors' gameplan, providing them with a dimension that, truly, they have never had in their dynastic run. That is, being incredibly efficient at the rim through elite athleticism, speed, and energy while drawing fouls and getting to the line with ease. In tandem with Kuminga, there's Draymond Green, whose same playstyle, sprinkled with a more calm, toned-down mentality, has unlocked the Warriors' offense while strengthening its defense. Since his return, they have been top-3 in offense efficiency and top-5 in defense, all indicators of a championship-contending team. Furthermore, Green's return has also unlocked the Wiggins-Kuminga combination at the forward spots, allowing them to be rewarded for their cuts while providing greater spacing through Draymond's precision passing. 

It's safe to say that the harshest aspects of the Warriors season are behind them, with the future shining brightly. As it currently stands, the Warriors have had the hardest schedule in the league prior to the All-Star Break; yet, they are still above .500, with a record of 27-26. Following the All-Star Break, they are projected to have the 3rd easiest schedule in the entire league, paving the way for them to go on a serious run as the regular season comes to a close. The only variable that may prevent them from performing well come the postseason is, surprisingly, Klay Thompson. As it currently stands, he is by far the most inconsistent player on the Warriors, seeking to reestablish his 2019 self though failing horribly a lot of the times. As a result, he was moved to the bench but then proceeded to drop a season-high 35 points in three quarters. Consistency and playing within the system are keys to the Warriors' offense; with the play from Kuminga and the value from Green, Klay doesn't have to drop 25+ points a game like he used to. As long as he plays his role, stays assertive, and makes the right reads and passes, the Warriors are poised for a deep postseason run. Have I mentioned, that the bench, which was once atop the league in scoring, is getting healthier now as well, with GP2 back and CP3 set to return after the All-Star Break?

As it currently stands, the Warriors are in the play-in as a 10th seed. Based on historical trends, for any play-in team to make a deep postseason run, they have to be in the 7th or 8th spot, playing just one play-in game on their home court.  The top four seeds in the West are seemingly locked in with the Nuggets, Thunder, Timberwolves, and Clippers; as for seeds five through six, it's truly up for contention. For the reasons aforementioned, the Warriors certainly make a strong case for the push to the 5th seed, and if so, the teams currently atop the West should watch out. 

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